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My background

Wife. Mom. Daughter. Sister. Friend. Voracious Reader. Passionate Writer. Lover of Life. Thrift-Store Shopper. Home Decorator and DIY officianado. 

My writing roots

I discovered a love for prose during a fourth-grade poetry unit, been writing ever since. For the last decade I have devoted my time to writing commercial fiction, always striving to be better and write richer.

My style

I write commercial fiction that's driven by character, fueled from emotion, and engrossed in metaphor. I hope my books speak to people in a powerful way and instill hope when all seems lost.


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My Books

Lavender Blue

 “We’re Murdocks—we can do hard things.” Rachel Tate enjoys an idyllic life—an attentive, handsome husband; three healthy, beautiful sons; a comfortable lifestyle—but when disaster strikes, she stands to lose it all. Rachel, a former lawyer turned stay-at-home-mom, struggles to make sense of her new life, find a path to happiness, and gain peace of mind. Attempting to heal her family’s deep emotional wounds proves more difficult than Rachel ever anticipated. Surprising repercussions follow their insurmountable tragedy, leaving Rachel drowning in grief, self-pity, and doubt. As a favor to her mother, Rachel assists in cleaning out her ailing grandmother’s home. There, she stumbles upon journals from the late 1800s, authored by her great-great-grandmother Anna Murdock Pierce. The two women exist centuries apart but seem to live nearly parallel lives. As Rachel grows in the knowledge of her ancestor, she begins to accept herself. But will learning about the past bring insight to Rachel’s present—or will the daunting trials she faces get the best of her? Past, present, and future collide on Rachel’s journey to understanding. 

Reviews for Lavender Blue

“[Lavender Blue is] an engaging read…Well-crafted prose and realistic dialogue in this promising

first novel…Crystal moves beyond the confines of the diaries to narrate Anna’s story in greater detail,

skillfully interrupting the primary tale of Rachel’s gradual progression…The author’s attention to the

particulars of Anna’s daily chores brings the late 19th-century to life and serves as a nice counterpoint

to Rachel’s 21st-century conveniences.”

— Kirkus Reviews

“Crystal follows the threads of love and guilt, sorrow and joy, exploring the ways they are bound together

through lives past and present. Lavender Blue is a deeply felt journey through loss, which makes its

message of hope all the more true in every time and place.”

— Margo Catts, author of Among the Lesser Gods